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You can do the flag as ragatz illustrated. If you're doing it a lot without warmups, it's really bad for your shoulders because you're pulling on one and pushing on the other while you roll in and out of the position.

or this position which is much easier.

Use two hands if you're not as strong, or if you're stronger, you can do it with just your arm pit by pressing your palm against your thigh. The man illustrated here can do that position, but it was probably too hard to hold for the photo session.

Also, you can stand with your back against the pole, lean backwards and slide down until your shoulder is about waist height. Put one shoulder against the pole and reach up about a foot to grab the pole with your hands. kick your center of gravity up above your shoulders, and you'll be cannonballed back facing down. Then, you can straighten your legs.

There are lots of other ways including flag with the feet. You don't need glue, but you need friction.
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