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Arrow Hey! I just posted, why didn't my post show up???

The GIG OPPORTUNITIES forums are "Open" forums, meaning registration is not required to post. Rather than have a registration speedbump, I want anyone to be able to post a GIG whenever they want; registered, logged-in or not.

However, since the three GIG forums are open, the spammers post their garbage here all day long. And it's gotten out of hand.

To avoid the spam posts, (as of late 2007) I've set these forums up so that all posts go straight into a "moderation queue." It's basically a holding pattern for posts. They're "posted" to the forum, but not actually "published" to the public view until I OK them.

On most days, I moderate these posts several times a day. I OK the actual gigs and discussion and send the spam down the drain. Since there's WAY more spam than gigs, it's easier to do it this way. The only drawback for you guys is that your posts are delayed until I get to them.

So have patience. I WILL get to them. Sometimes it's within the hour, sometimes I only get to a batch of posts once a day... but it will (almost) never be more than a day before your post goes up.

I hope that explains it!
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