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Just hopped over to Oahu for 72 hours swimmin’ with turtles & hangin' loose with the Belly Acre boy'z (Kahuna/Don/Benji & Jeannie among them) and some of the brightest stars of the street performing world... Michiel Hesseling & Tamara were there along with Haggis & Bella, Drew Franklin, Aileen, Waldo & Woodhead, Glenn Singer and the infamous Peter Post ... back in LA now for some last minute rehearsals before our premier of "The Stolen White Elephant" starring me, Muki & Mad Chad Taylor on March 8th at a theater not very near you. Before we go up however, I will jet set it over to Aspen for a couple of days to catch Petra Massey's in her "Stiff... Undertaking" undertaking ... whew.... sometimes I feel like the Mick Jagger of the street world ... but I try not to look in the mirror.
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