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"SICK, bastard" is right.
I eat them and 45 minutes later I am pooping my guts out.
I remember when my daughter (who now hates McDonald's the way that only a 13 year old girl can) was little and had her first bit of a Big Mac, she got this big smile on her face and said 'Yum" with all the enthusiasm in the world. And I thought of course she likes it, some scientist in Ronald's lap has engineered it to taste perfect. Its just salty enough, just sweet enough and of course just greasy enough. The "perfect" food.
In all honesty I very rarely eat fast food. I think it is ridiculous that people in America eat out anywhere as much as they do, let alone at fast food places.
Spending an hour in the kitchen fixing a meal for the people that you love (even if that's only yourself) is time truly well spent.

Damn, I am quick to jump up on a soap box lately. I guess I need an audience. Good thing I start working again this weekend.

"an honorable and decent human being"
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