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Lightbulb Aerotech Programable Glostaff

I´m selling a programable Glostaff from aerotech for light performances.
I bought it for a gig with a company i used to work and, as far as i remember, it only had been used once (for a gig)

The description is the following:
Ultimate Glostaff (New Version)
A polycarbonate double skinned shaft of 25mm diameter with each half capable of being programmed independently.
Please contact us with preferred length and whether you require fibre buffer ends.

Glostaff: 1000mm 36 RGB leds.

The price for a new one is 310 GbP (400€ to actual course).

I would be happy if i get €300 for it. It´s new.
Shipping shouldn´t be a problem.
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