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I am not looking for Birdie anymore I have talked to him.
What we talked about is no ones business but I will say
I am sorry for posting the negative things are not true.
I was going on what Kirk had said since the assault
and knowing BIrdie and loving Birdie fo a long long time
I am positive Kirk was now lying about Birdie.

Jim you cane either leave this thread intact with this post.
Or delete the thread up to you, if any of the quotes
talk bad about BIrdie I am sorry and dlete it all.
I cannot see those posts as I have Peter on ignore.
Chance posts look ok.
I am disfigured for life and again tomorrow is Grand OldDay a festival
in st apul billes da the nations largest one day fetivals if anyone wants to go there
I was doing it since I was 16 years old busikng as a break dancer and magician
then as a juggler later after Birdie trained me, I love Biride forever he never did anything wrong to me that's the truth.
That is all that matters.

Like I said its agreat festival I cannot work at it I cant use my left leg it is starting to spaz
so Monday I hav eto get CT snas chet and spine hip leg etc and MRI on brain
seems I dint know I hada concussion, never had one in my life so its new to me.

I think I said enough already.
Sorry Birdie soon this will be behind us.

The post about Kirk will stay forever , and hopefully into the archives long after I am gone.
Anything I said about Birdie ther I will also delete so if anyone quoted me there please delte your posts
or edit it for Birdie sake as Kirk made up things about Birdie and Birdie said they are not true.
I believe BIride he has no reason to lie.
Please do not reply to this post as the point of contacting Birdie has been dealt with,

Thnx Jim and everyone else for your support
and also thank you for those that supported Birdie I never meant any ill will towards him.


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