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Default Good Times with Birdie

Troll Alert!
Frist off this is a post TO Birdie I copied some of what I posted
on his Facebook so if you comment and are not Birdie try
not to smell while doing so. Thnx.!
Troll Alert!

This is a Copy and Paste from Facebook, I posted a lot of pics over
the years of Birdie, Birdie and I, have lots of videos. We never had
any bad blood between us. Period.

It is part of a thread so I am not going to edit it, I was and still
am confused why anyone would want to follow Kirk, and I am going
to quote first a quote by David Breth I read today on FB.

David Breth

38 minutes ago.

You must constantly ask yourself these questions: Who am I around? What are they doing to me? What have they got me reading? What have they got me saying? Where do they have me going? What do they have me thinking? And most important, what do they have me becoming? Then ask yourself the big question: Is that okay?

End Quote

I also like to add the obvious with a twist, about thinking
where might the end place be that gets not worth
anything unless the way you got there was something you
can live with for the rest of your life...that is your true worth.

just sayin.

Here is a picture of my first street performing year in Key West
1980---something. Shoehorn is on the far left you an see one eye
and some of his face and hair, then me center, Birdie of course in the

PM Magazine was filming in Key West for there next TV show.
PM/Evening Magazine was a television series with a news and entertainment format. It was syndicated to stations throughout the United States. In most areas, Evening/PM Magazine was broadcast from the late 1970s into the late 1980s.anyway...when folks back home and around he country see ya
doing stuff like that with best friends its always an insipiration

This is what I posted on pic of Birdie I was rambling a
little bit so not going to edit. Like I said on Facebook
I have more stories about Birdie our travels was always
fun, not even fun, beyond that

I also like to add how much always have and will love Birdie. I only knew Kirk a short time , not even months, BIrdie was my friend for years. Fond memoroes Atalnta arts fair travelling with Birdie and my wife, we would travel takes turns driving. Frank the balancer. ..The time in Nawlins wher a crazy landlord thought me and Birdie had his dog in our loft apt French Quarter and was trying to or about to break in and Birdie had a golf club wound up and ready to swing and I am sure he would have and he told the guy.." You better not come in or ...something" I admit I was up in the loft with the girl we stayed with ready to jump down on what was gonna be something, he backed off. ..or the time we all lived at Jeans on St peter and Toulose and the filmed the movie Tightrope right in JEans ( BIrdies girl at the time ) right ther with us, and CLint playing with his gun on the bed,..I have some of the pics I took of Birdie but far more memories. he taught me well and I still use the same 5 1/2 foot uncicyle he gave me 25 years ago and taught me to idle and taught me the ladder in boston, it just goes on and on Birdie is amazing but I am really confused about this. I saw Birdie , in Clearwater last time and gave the unicycle new bears again and a brand new nice gel leather seat. I performed at Pier 60 for the spring season and did gigs with my friend Dallas and other friends and was down there to love all my friends again. I can only tell you even Kirk agrees 100% and totally confessed. I was not even verbal, I simply said , yes I interrupted BIrdie and Kirk talking my bad, I said " will that camera hook up to the computer with a usb cord? it was a late question, and he just flipped, I was in a swivel chair he pointed at the door and stood up, I swiveled my chair to leave turned my back on him, I had no idea what was about to happen and it has changed the course of my life, forever, as well as Birdies karma, Kirks Karma and really upset a lot of people. I could have just ended this with more stories about me and Birdie like th time we cooked hamburgers on Rampart street in the Nawlins boarding house that had those open gas heaters so the frying pan would not stay on there and had to take turns holding it there while we cooked..I like to do that again, figuratively speaking with the person Birdie and I both know deserves what ever Karma has in store for Kirks poor lost soul....or Old Town in Florida when we stayed in motels and the first time Biride showed me Clarence. or the hystercail time on Bouborn street a cop felt compelled to ask BIrdie was was in his suitcase. Birdie tipped his suitcase on it's side, sat down on it in the middle of Boubron , just like you do when you want to get a crowd ... he crossed his leg, rubbed his chin a sec, then he spoke. " So you want to see what in my suitcase officer?" by then a circle crowd had formed " Well why do you want to look in my suitcase officer?" the cop was getting nervous and called for back up. "OK officer if you really want to see." He stands up takes out the most amazing object in the Universe, the officer just cant see it yet, BIrdie turns around and Clarence says " oh my God I was dying in there its about time you let me out, why are all these people staring at us?..." and that time that cop had shrank to 2 inches tall and was =barely visibile his partner arrived just in time to wheel him off on a two wheeler why he was going "Hammadee hamaadee hamaddee.. that's 100percent true story except the two wheeler part, sure I got more stories. That one is my favorite and so is Birdie.

End Post, that I posted I dunno week ago.

hahaha I still laugh at that BOurbon street story cuz its fesh in my
mind like a video lol. YOu know when somethings just so funny you
never forget every detail!

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