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I was filming my daily stretch and strength exercise for my legs.
Working on the Chinese Splits again. I was watching the video and
I noticed how horrible my left side looks, almost as horrible as it feels.
Quite nauseating to try and sleep with my two ribs just rattling the fuck around.
THis is healed, its not gonna get any better, one rib you cant even see if pointing so far inwards
and the one above it sticks and pops and portrudes out of my body an inch AND in lengths starting
in front and all the way up and around my back under my shoulder blade, which is wher is was snapped off.
Like I said, the break Not a fracture ) a total break, has now healed, but of course it did not heal
the same way it was grown for 50 years, how could it? You cannot put it in a cast.
So now I have new goals in life....for life, forever.
PS that's why I call that rib THe FIsh Hook. Sure the fuck looks and feels like one.
Also beside the broken rib 10, ribs 11 and 12 are fractured , Monday I get a CT on spine leg and chest and a MRI
on my Brain .

Right Side

Left Side

Youtube I posted the clip from the video I took the screenshots from.

Left side WAS my strong side, one arm handstand side...

This is mainly for Kirk's whereabouts and adresse so once again...


I think this thread can stay I will have Birdie read it over
if he wants the thread removed then remove it we will.
However the Kirk post will stay forever even after
Kirk faces the piper.

thnx again

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