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First question-Can you be bothered.
depending on the answer and your level of committment and sense of mischief there are a number of ways to prevail .
You can employ your own intimidator.
You can set him up to assault you then charge him.
You can transcribe his show (just tape it and pay a service ($10)
Then publish it here on and find his postal address and we can all do rewrites and send them to him.(its an unbalancing enlarging the playground softener)
You can get a group of people to each pay enough for a return ticket to Borneo/Sudan/ south africa, then have someone inside that country fabricate a festival with large fee then all thats left is to plant drugs on him while he's there. (Do it in Thailand or singapore and they might kill him.)
Find the address and name of the relevant parks and rec or who-ever at the council and put it up here and a bunch of us could write and complain that as tourists we were put off by the actions of one particular performer who ruined our holiday for us with displays of rude and objectional behavior.
Jeez this is befor my first coffee, morning all.
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