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what school of etiquette taught you to busk?

The church people: do whatever you want to them. I agree with talking to them first. After that, enjoy it. maybe you could say,

"beware the hiding christians. I'm out here to make a living by working hard. All I want is a few bucks. they want your soul. hey kid, I'm gonna teach you some street self defense. what do you do when street evangelist approaches you? you raise your hands up and yell "CULT" at the top of your lungs like this "CUUUULLLT!" so what do you do to protect your morals? Okay, now the guy in the back. alright. If this doesn't give me my space, it will at least be funny."

for the jamaican...

"Watch this. I 'll do a quick magic trick" pull out a scrap of paper, quickly twist it up like it's a joint. Then wave it in the air. He walks up and you just keep yelling "It's not real. It's not real. It's just paper. There's always that one guy at work..."

If you do both of these ahead of time, it shows that you know your surroundings and that you're in control. That's more necessary than anything because when you tell the audience they're gonna pay, you gotta be an authority.
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