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Default jesus freaks and harry

Pardon the spelling but you get the idea. I've performed In New Orleans give or take some 20 or so mardi gras. Most people don't know that over half the people that attend are religious people that came there to save your soul, and they tend to be very obnoxious and disruptive. I usually tell them in a very loud voice "Thank God for the jesus freaks" and give them a big thumbs up,"mardi gras wouldn't be the same with ya". they tend to leave me alone after that,seems they don't know what to do with me and go on about their business of saving souls. Thank God. The others are the Hara krisna's halking their ball caps and teeshirts etc. When they approach me I ask them in a strong voice "How's ole Harry doing" they look at me in a confused face and say what. "You know Harry,Harry Krisner"Still looking with a confused face,"you mean you don't know your God by his first name"! They usually go on down the street babbling to their selves. They Know they don't want to deal with me. The end...
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