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You seem determined to do this after all the advice to give it up.
Probably like most of us; you will learn it enough to decide it's a drag and too dangerous to do every show.

Blowing out the torch as it enters your mouth is one way, but won't work all the time. The other way is to close your TEETH around the shaft holding the wicking, this cuts oxygen to the flame. You must also always be slowly exhaling the whole time to keep the flames away from your lips and mouth. Use your teeth so you don't burn your lips and practice it lots before lighting the wick.

Better yet just don't do it at all.

Juggle torches or spin your poi's if you want to play with fire. Don't make it such a part of your show that you can't perform without it, as others have mentioned in your intro thread.

You should always have a fire extinguisher and a bottle of 100% aloe around.

If you are serious about being a variety performer you will get gigs is not always an option. More importantly remember that in a career you will do over 10 - 20,000 shows, things go wrong, tricks will fail...always think about the worst case scenario because some WILL happen. It's not an IF it is always a WHEN. Consequences of of fire eating are just too great,

Case in point:
I have juggled torches inside and out, I can do a show with or without it. I have a 99.9999 % success rate with fire tricks...which means that in that .0001 % of the time things will go wrong. (beyond a harmless drop) I have managed set curtains and hay bales on fire, flung torches into the audience, suffered third degree burns on my palms...

No one but myself has gotten hurt in any of my 15,000 shows (less than half involved fire, But all involved tall unicycles and kniives and razor sharp Dube' clubs) ...something I am proud to say. But...I have been lucky too.

The old adage is true...If you play with fire you WILL get burned. How bad that burn is is up to you!

good luck.

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