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Default Another First Busking

Hey everyone. You're probably sick of hearing these, but since I enjoyed reading them before first going out, I'll go ahead and amuse someone else.

I went to Harvard Square, not in the pit by the subway station, but by a line of shops up the street. Luckily, my goal was to make $1, and my summer's goal (I'm mostly doing this for experience) is to pay off my $40 permit. I made $3.05, but that's only for one 20 minute show, putting me at a respectable $9.15 an hour (if only it worked that way).

As recommended, I came up with and rehearsed a rough outline of a 15 or 20 minute show with crowd-gathering, a beginning, a middle, and an end. When I got there, 5 or 6 people were sitting around, and loads were walking places within viewing distance. My problem (I think) was that I didn't verbally advertise and explain enough that I was about to do a show, and it would have a beginning and an end, so people should get up and sit it out. Unfortunately, people never really gathered, and I went through my juggling routines minus all the comedy that required an audience I could be sure was paying attention. Naturally, without all the talking I was done in only 10 minutes, so I desperately did everything performance ready that I could think of, taking me to about 20 minutes before I bailed with my 3 bucks (and a Canadian quarter some jerk threw in).

At least I enjoy juggling -- I got to do what I enjoyed, and made a few dollars. I suppose I should have no regrets. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. I'm assuming with a start like that, things can only get better. (Don't worry, I still know the first 100 shows will suck -- don't spoil my misguided optimism

Thank you for putting up with my whining. By the way, reading all of the articles and posts here has been extreemly helpful, so thanks. And thank you, Mr. Ragatz, for telling me about these forums. At least I now have a vague idea of the many things I did wrong.

-Andy S, looking forward to my second attempt
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