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The process of discovery of the philosopher’s stone is not an easy path to follow. It is dangerous and one must be careful even today with hoods and shields to protect you from fumes and explosions.

First step. You have to decide on which raw materials you will need.
You must be careful here on your choices.

But first, let’s discuss the stone itself. It is and it is not a stone at the same time. Like a stone it can be broken up and pulverized but it also, after removing impurities, cannot be broken but is easily melted like wax. So, it’s a stone, but it’s not.

First pick a metal, any metal, as your prime matter. Trust me on this.

Then look all around and pick the purist one… that's (Au) gold.

Ok, say you also knew that this other stuff you knew about was called (Sb) antimony and this antimony contained this stuff called “quicksilver” which only bonded to gold, no other metal.

Hmmm, you wonder? Maybe I can do something with this knowledge.

Maybe you also have a Mexican friend that told you every time he dug around in red dirt he found gold.

Say you knew that kind of dirt was found virtually everywhere on earth abundantly. That dirt contained iron and you knew more about it than any other of the classified ores. You knew your dirt. This dirt has iron pyrites and we got a lot of it, everywhere. The redder the better.

Things are starting to gel.

So you look at the dirt where the gold is located you see (Fe) iron, maybe you see (Sb) Antimony also found in “kermesite” a cherry red metal in the dirt too.

You remember you have a sword of steel and a magnet in your possession and you are amazed at what this stuff called (Mg) magnesium can do when used with iron so you scoop up a handful of that dirt and you bring it home.

At home you have a small furnace to heat up things and if you wanted to you could make the fire hotter and hotter. So you are ready to add this these things together in a pot but you know you want them to melt so you need to add something maybe a liquid, so they dissolve. So you throw in some (Hg) mercury and there is an explosion and you die.

You can now start your path or journey to discover the philosopher’s stone. Go back try again. That’s it. Keep trying.

So your son or a neighbor picks up your notebook wipes off your blood and does the same thing but instead of dirt he uses copper pyrites. He dies too.

Then your grandson tries it with Tin and his name is Roger Bacon and no one else tries tin except him. And you all die anyway.

A friend of a friend of a friend tries zinc and dies.

Many in the neighborhood try sulphides for the sweet aroma of their arsenic and, of course, they die too.

Finally, someone so long in the future he doesn’t remember you, works on making the fireplace a little nicer because so many relatives have died right there at the cooking pot.

It’s always such a mess to clean up after too.

Here’s where it gets tricky. This is fire but not fire. In other words, dry water that will not wet ones hands and a substance that burns without fire.

This is the “secret fire”, they all talk about. As a chemist, you say to yourself, “this must either be an acid, a strong dilutent, or maybe even one of several salts. And you look and try all kinds of stuff and you die too.

Then you stare at the words “doubly fiery” that only Basil Valentine mentions and you see what he was talking about. The “salt” had to exhibit two-fold properties, be metallic in substance and contain the prime matter in the form of an impurity. There is no other way.

You must know one fact above all else and there has never been any disagreement on this.

The most essential element, which the prime matter exhibits, is: it MUST join the MALE substance to the FEMALE substance and nothing can be added or subtracted in the process.

The deeper meaning embedded in the above paragraph will show the willing, the way.

Ok, let’s get back to blowing up shit and people dying.

Let’s say we are still alive and have at least one eye and ear and a finger with a thumb. We then put the goop into some sort of CLOSED container because, heck, the open one nearly killed everybody.

We make a small glass oval shaped crucible to put everything in and cook it. This is called the philosophic egg and it is hermetically sealed and placed in a bowl of ash and tended to by you (if you choose to) for a long ass time. More later on when and how long you cook.

This takes a lot of patience, humility and faith to get here. The mercury, stimulated by the heat of it’s intrinsic sulphur, gently dissolves the gold and reduces it to its prime constituents.

Here is where most people stop. This is enough for them. They “get it” and usually get rich. They don’t always stay rich but they know the path to wealth. These guys sometimes fail. They fail because the answer is almost within their grasp but they don’t get it because they go the “Me” way, instead of the “You” way. More on that later.
This is the “liberation of the spirit” phase and while many great men have gotten here, few continue. If you abuse the privilege at this stage, then you just become an audience member to your own show. But it’s easy to stay here and most do. Jim and I were both already here in 1979; I kept going thanks to him.
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