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Default Show your talent - win the digital camera!

Here is what i find on the R&R World music site -

"We are excited to launch a competition for music addicts everywhere! Many people pass entertainers on their way home, to work, or school on a daily or weekly basis. We see and hear their performances in parks, squares, street corners and underground stations. They are buskers, street musicians playing for attention and for money, waiting for their big break.

Some of them are pure talents at their art. Some rely on comedy rather than musical ability. Others are just plain interesting to watch or listen. Why not use your camera to film these artists performing their acts? Ask them a few questions, prepare a brief description and story about the performer, and share this with the world!

Each month we will reward with a digital camera the person who submits the video and story that receives the most votes during that month from the users of R&R World Arena. "

Try yourself! I believe you can win!
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