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Hi, David, I have seen a lot of your posts lately, and it looks like you are coming from the world of corporate entertainment...We all love corporate parties and sponsorship money, but for most street performers this is not the case...Most street performers I know just work on local pitches and at local events, nobody pays them and daily stipends, they just get their 'hat". But when a local festival held on public property tries to get money FROM street performers who worked there for years - this is IMHO is immoral and illegal and clearly violates the 1st amendment of USA constitution. I can understand when festival moves the busking acts away from vendors - but they can't just close you or demand 15% of your tips! I agree with you - it is much better to work at the festivals which give you free housing and daily stipend, but do you have these every weekend? If you do - you are very lucky, most buskers do not. If we just act as primadonnas - we'll starve to death!
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