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Post Agent ethics

Looking for constructive feedback on the following situation...

Earlier this summer a local agent shows interest in my work, and a few days later we meet for coffee and bragging time, and it seems a professional relationship has begun.

During this talk, which lasted maybe 2 hours and covered many topics, he mentioned that he had some shows coming up that he would like to include me in, but had no dates firmed in. Also during this time he borrowed my photo CD's so that he could copy some pics for upcoming promos, and which I insisted on having back within a few days.

The "few days" became about 15, and he rushed into the cafe where I was waiting, dropped the package in my lap, said he had to run, and then over his shoulder said the nearest date was October 31st.

I was so grateful to get my CD's back that the date was lost on me until about an hour later, when it dawned on me that he had said Halloween.

This guy specializes in producing wierd shows, so Halloween is about as big as Christmas or New Years would be to other agents, and on special dates my fee triple. But he was so sneaky about it that I have begun to debate whether or not I should bail the night, or even bail the agent.

Any takers?...
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