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From what you describe, it's hard for me to see what your problem is.

People are busy, so "a few days" easily become more than just that, if they ever remember to get in touch with you at all. It can be a hint to "untrustworthyness", but it can be anything else as well. I wasn't there when you talked about the subject, so I cannot judge...

And about the trouble of getting your promo stuff back: when I was just starting, I lost some video footage that I still regret. I never, ever will give out originals again.
And apart from that, once you produce cd's or videos in larger volumes at once, they are not really that expensive anymore. That makes it a lot easier to send them out without having to go through the trouble of asking them back. I think it's good to have many promo stuff floating around everywhere...

And for prices. Well, everybody has their own policies. Mine is that I don't want to be underpaid. I have a set price for gigs. I think doubling or tripling prices is only an option when you have at least two or three options to choose from.

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