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Butterfly Festivals: Shouldn't we be paid?

This has been bugging me for a while and I thought I'd bring it up because it's festival application time...

How do you all feel about festivals that do not compensate performers?

Personally, I've stopped going to festivals that do not cover travel and lodging expenses, plus a reasonable daily stipend.

I know the standard argument is that a successful festival generates big enough hats that it doesn't matter, but I feel that if a festival producer is going to profit from my attendance and my performance, I expect to be treated like a professional and made to feel appreciated.

I understand that there are festivals out there that honestly can't afford to pay massive daily stipends, however they usually make up for it in hospitality and appreciation... The problem I have is with the big-ticket festivals who treat their acts poorly and unprofessionally.

Anyone else care to share their honest feelings on this issue?
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