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I can't imagine a better job to find your feet in. Age wise, i'm a meager 25, been finding my feet almost every year now. Jon and I have always been the young uns on the circuit.. and I think that the reason that some acts will work for cheap, or no retainer is because they're hungry. We've all been there, it's been awhile since your last show, you're bank account is dwindling a bit, and you just want to get a good show in... you think "retainer?" I think it all comes down to acts not charging what they're worth. I know we're still not charging what we're worth, but we just redid our press materials, and will likely be redoing our costumes this week and just got a report of our income over the last two years as a business. That seems to be the major achilles heel, treating performing as a business, and getting a press kit that accurately and fairly represents yourself.
Don't get me wrong we love doing it, but it's also a business. One of my favorite moments was at the Ottawa busker festival one yearwas watching Jim (Jim show) and Bill Ferguson have it out over why they performed . Jim performed because "he loved it! loved shows, making people laugh, etc." Bill performed because it was "his living, it was his job, he makes money!" Bill was trying to get Jim to say that he too treated performing as a business... or something along those lines. Bill and Jim both have such great and different characters that it was just so interesting to watch them interact (but thats just what good comedy is about isnt it?) Anyways, Big hats, up your rates, and see ya!
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