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Originally Posted by martin ewen View Post
Get settled?

WTF does LA offer him? It's the keening venal center of the universe full of people with 5 minutes worth of material instead of personalities where two thirds of the population live in hope waiting for a phone to ring. It's a reptile brain of a city.
But how do you REALLY feel, Martin? That said, I didn't find LA particularly compelling as a performer or as audience. It seems that most of those guys have, as you said, 5 minutes worth of material. They only want to perform until they get discovered by some talent agent for some dumb cable show somewhere.

I think the only way to survive LA is to *not* be in the business. Become a plumber or cabinet maker, surfer or curbside orange seller, but for God's sake don't become a performer.

Andy Warhol said that people would become famous for 15 minutes. He overshot that a bit. Today, with the advent of reality shows, jackass shows, and YouTube, it's more like 15 seconds of fame:
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