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Dan Holzman
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I Just got home from a gig out of town, and thought I would write down some of my favorite travel tips.

Create routines that you can follow every trip.

For example.

I always throw my hotel key on the closest desk to the front door when I come in so I can find it easily, Plus I never put the electronic keys next to a turned on cell phone because they can deactivate the key.

As soon as I leave my car at the airport parking I clip my keys inside my backpack(I never think about them again until I get back)

Iron your clothes and hang them up when you first get in your room. If you wait until the last minute and the Iron doesn't work or you have forgoten something like a belt or black socks you'll wish you had found out earlier.

Have a safe dining choice for before shows, something you know won't get you sick or too full. Mine is a chicken Caeser Salad.

hope these help my fellow travelers
Dan Holzman
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