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Default There is Always That One Kid...

You know the one, he/she is everywhere.

His parents work there at the pitch in a store or booth. Kid is left alone every day wandering around the fest. Parents send him away so he comes and bothers you. I guess he figures it's your job to entertain him even though he's seen your act a hundred times and is bored with it.

So to keep himself entertained he sits there, in the front row, shouting out your punchlines before you get to them, explaining the secret to the tricks to anyone in earshot, running in and out of the circle. basically doing everything he can to ruin your show. He wants to play with your props,and he bring his friends around to also "just hang-out" with you.

Who is this kid, why are his parents OK with letting him run around, why are WE responsible to babysit this brat? Some pitch-rats are are cool and enjoy helping out, then there are those others.

What can you do? Talking to the kid doesn't help, talking to the parents only helps for a little while. Becoming a complete jerk to the snot-nosed, crotch grape only seems to encourage him. You can't ignore him; it only amps up his volume.

A thumb to the soft-spot? Give him enough candy to OD on? Rat-poison wrapped in a juice-box??

I guess it takes a village to raise really annoying kids...
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