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Default Fender Amp Can (Shipping from HK)

Hey Gang,

Clearing out my space and have a heavily used Fender Amp Can for sale.

Here's the deal with this baby:

I recently replaced the 12 volt battery with rechargeable Lithium batteries, I also have a spare unused Lithium battery in case you need it. Much much lighter.

Have a universal smart charger to go with it.

The problem now is , after years of touring, it has developed that ugly tin sound so you may need to get that fixed or if you know what you're doing, fix it yourself.

In other words, doesn't sound great but can be fixed. The batteries themselves cost a bundle. Definitely more than the amp itself

I'm working with a Mipro these days and don't really need this laying around the shop.

What ya get:
Amp Can with sound that needs a bit of tweaking
2x Li-ion 18650 11.1V 4400 mAh PCB protected Rechargeable Battery with DC Connector (one installed, one extra)
One 12 volt battery (the one that came with it)
1x Universal smart charger for Li-Ion/ Polymer battery Pack (3.7V-14.8V 1-4 cells)

100 bucks plus shipping (From Hong Kong, possibly from Dallas, TX next week) and it's yours or hey, swap something with me! Got any extra clubs, shaker cups, anything?

Photos here


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