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Alright Martin, valid question...

From one who obviously does not spend enough time here, but who is involved behind the scenes.

I don't know.

Well a little. Yes the public show is nice on Saturday, but not required.

Also the street performing live workshop aspect has more potential on the weekend. But these are just justifications.

Yes we are only 4 days, this year 5, six if you count the clowns that stayed for Monday, but usually 4.

So if it were M-Th, you'd be flying/traveling on Sunday and Friday, highest fairs, most traffic, no staying over the weekend discount. If it were T-Fr you'd travel on Monday and Saturday w/similar issues. Maybe that plays in.

Remember 90% of organizers, volunteers, staff and teachers also are performers giving up the weekend, but so what.

Real answer, is that is just what we thought best, sorry if this falls under the thought that you can only please some of Martin some of the time, but it is the best I can do.

By the way, what I like best are people with solutions, not problems...

So if you have a concept that more Martins would approve... post away.


ps glad you made it down
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