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Default criti -- According to Merriam Webster

criti: singular of critus

The basics of what I was saying were, it will take more knowledge and more time than you think, if you want it to look good. Right now it doesn't look good.

Tips for the current site:
- Get a domain name
- Put your menu together (there are huge line breaks)
- Don't use times font
- Dont use normal link colors
++To change this, Ms. Programmer, put link= and then the color in quotes in your body tag. same with vlink=
- don't use a stock or stolen background like the escher one you now have. Make one or use none.
- the best photos you have on the site are the plungers at xmas and 4 clubs at a fest. That's not to say they're good photos.
- Most people don't know that John Satriano is a famous juggler. Captions are supposed to help describe the picture.
- Your alternate resume is better but not good
- Bio is too personal, too long, and too first person. I didn't read it so, can't tell you the other stuff... Oh, an ad for your juggling club?
- don't use bright red text for anything ever.

Simply fix these things and get a ton of good photos. Then, we'll do some more work.

Robert is wrong to call you a monkey. I think he was just joking. Sometimes his jokes can be tactless. Don't take offense.
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