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Aaron Gregg
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Default Homing Doves?

A buddy of mine who's been working the street here in Victoria has started performing a very interesting act. He has sold artwork, worked as a Gandalf impersonator, done balloons, and now he's having people release doves by donation.

He has a cage of doves (which are actually white homing pigeons) and people pay for the opportunity to hold a dove and release it. Unbeknownst to the "audience" the birds simply fly back to their coop a few kilometres away and wait to do it again the next day.

He's just started doing it and his set-up is pretty amateur looking (which is making business quite tough) but it's a pretty wild premise.

Has anyone seen this before? I'm sure the pigeons don't love it but it's better than spending a few hours in a magician's pocket.

Aaron Gregg
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