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Cool critiquing the critiquers

I learned from another thread how we may have idiosyncratic things we do or say that we don't notice but can be annoying (mine was saying "and it goes like this" before each trick. My observation was I heard that the MF team was "available" mutliple times but in reality that was not true. The MF Team is too busy accomplishing their mission statement which is exactly what they did and I thank them dearly for an opportunity to grow in the most expeditious way possible.... so, leave that part out of your script. 2. As my mentor (even if he doesn't want that title and please wait until I can show my graditude before you cut me off) said never say "and it goes like this" again.I now say, never say the word "nurturing" again.There was excellent usable feedback given during the critque sessions but the words nurturing and supportive would only be a sales tactic.I can think of brutal easily, nurturing never.Again cutting to the chase is important and the fastest way to learn which is perfectly fine, just don't try to sell what you don't have. 3.Saturday night after the public show, there was a opening night celebration atmosphere and the professional side of MF went down to just an average show.Keep the bar at the bar. oh, one more thing, sit back down there is no responding during critiue sessions. P.S. would I do it again? In a heartbeat!!!!!
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