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Lurk never lose sight of your audiences expectations

Hey! he has a point.
If you were destitute and living rent free in a dumpster numbing yourself from your abject hopelessness with meths distilled through a raw potato and surviving on injesting the discarded deepfrying fat poured into your dumpster bedroom once a month, finding early model cars without a lock on their petrol caps so you can inhale the heady fumes of our nations lifeblood to expand your consciousness and wearing incontinence stained crusty clothing that you were lucky enough to inherit from a friend of yours (your only friend) who OD'd under a bridge in 98, then at the very least as you sally onto the streets to try and beg up a little cash and also as importantly just to have some/any social interaction with the human race, then at the very least you should be able to find some ash or discarded oil or even your own runny shit and paint yourself a nice big happy face before facing your public because good god however bad it gets you have to have standards.

(jesus! I write in really long sentences.)

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