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Default Crowd building

Ok, I need some help from the pros here.
I would like to start a discussion on crowd building, does anyone have any tips or tricks or some good sense to impart.

Im talking cold tuesday afternoon kind of stuff.
at the moment i'v sort of had my crowds handed to me on a plate becuase the place i work has so much traffic, but i'm wanting to venture out on to a cold pitch that hasn't been worked before, i think it may be somewhat of a different story.
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Look busy. Like you're preparing for something huge.
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Lee Nelson
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Default to people and make them like you
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martin ewen
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One secret is to chop tasks up, say three things but as you are chopping and changing from one to another without finishing them then you are obviously working with some sort of purpose but that purpose is hidden from your audience.
People are fundimentally curious apes, being curious used to save lives back when we wandered about evolving and we are still the same mammal really.

So confuse them but don't let them come to any conclusion and you , by doing so, will gather a crowd.
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Devin, Have you done a search on this site to find any other threads on the topic? My juggling is at the very low end of things, and I dont do it on the streets so I don't have experience of what works for jugglers.
I'm a street magician and I reckon that Street Magician work probably needs the most intense interaction with the crowds of all types of busking. That includes building a crowd. So I recommend that you go to the following sites and see what could be useful for you.

The Buskers Cafe
The Magic and look at the Sidewalk subsection.

All the best in your peforming.
MagiCol. The presentation makes the magic.
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Martin, can you give an example of this 'chopping' technique?
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