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Ryan Dekoe
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Default *AGENCY WARNING* D&D Entertainment LLC

Be very very cautious when dealing with Danny Doyle of D&D Entertainment! He is the "booker" for AM Resort guest entertainment program in Cancun Mexico. I have a long list of performers who will flat out NOT WORK FOR HIM! If you have had an experience with Danny PLEASE tell the rest of us about it! If you have any questions about my experiences working for him, please contact me! The list is far to long.

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There seems to be a long list of people who have run afoul of Doyle's promises.

In the end, in my professional opinion, he's not worth the bother. Avoid him and look for a reputable, professional booker for Mexican resorts.

T. Baxter
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Wow crap seems I chose the wrong user name.

Hi, I'm DAVID Doyle and am in no relation to Danny Doyle. I'm of I'm out of Pittsburgh and am NOT an agency and am just part of several performance troupes.

I didn't realize there was someone/some company out there with such a similar name(and horrible reputation apparently). Perhaps I should speak with the mods about changing my user name so there is no confusion.

Hmm better get on that.

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Just curious, but what are the specific complaints against him? I have only heard one person really talk negatively.
And he is someone I was considering working with.
Any info would be appreciated!
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Mr.Taxi Trix
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Default Danny Doyle Rocks

I've worked with Danny Doyle, and have a high opinion of him.

I'm heading back to Mexico in a couple of weeks.

His gig is legit, he treats me well as a performer, pays

on time or early, and is a stand up guy. The fact that he's also a magician

and knows the performing life makes him fun to work with: you can

talk with complete candor about how the shows go.

I've enjoyed more than a few laughs with Danny, and consider him a

friend as well as a decent, fair producer. I know of at least 8 other

performers who would tell you the same. You can ring me at 860 672-3205

if you need any further conversation on this. D and D entertainment is

a good company to work with.
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Now that goes more along the lines of what I have heard.
I have been talking with Danny on line for years, and he always seemed very straightforward and a decent guy.
I'm pretty much a carny...It's really hard to get much past me, so the original post starting this thread was a surprise.
Thanks for the input!
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