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Dead Wood Records
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Post Festival Of Festivals Private E.mails.

Ok Brian I have received your e.mail and you have asked me to place our mails up on the boards: Read On: Theyr'e a bit mixed up but I'm sure theyl'e get the drift of it.


It seems that the world still thinks that you hate me. I was wondering if you'd mind posting your message up on to let everyone know that we're now on somewhat good terms.

Happy Holidays,

Brian Wilson

ONE OF MY E.Mails to Brian:

----- Original Message -----
From: Trevor Rooney
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2000 10:07 AM
Subject: Trevor

Hey there Brian! I hope life is good.

Every-one seems to be having fun with all the shit I put up on the site. I like your replies, keep up the good work and have a good fest.

PS: I will be in touch when I have things ready and completed, plus spell checked?

Have fun


Hey Trev.

I appreciate your ambition and what you are trying to do for the performing community at large, but can you keep your posts a bit shorter? your practically taking up the whole board. Just keep it brief... get to the point


Brian Wilson
Performer, Entertainment Consultant, Writer, Cowguy
Phone: (613) 248-8940
Fax: (613) 248-0055

Actually I thinkl your site is great but I currently I like to be an arsehole on Jims site,
it's my way of getting my name around, althought it already is because I have been out there
over the years, amongst all of the bloody great guys.

I have just received this from Jim and have replied to his warning privately, personally I dont
like this attitude, it's Jm who gave the Forums, Bla, Bla, Bla to us and there should be no ifs or butts about
it. I dont really care if he cuts me dead, and if he does then it will show am and all of us that is not a free as it
is supposed to be! and thats why i am doing what I do, it's my way of finding out just hoe far it can be pushed, plus It's a good way to find
out just how hard the guys and gals are who use it.

But really to my way of thinking there are not many actually writing in, if you look carefully there are only
a few who spend time on it and that's a freaking shame because I would like more communication on the festival side
of things, pretty soon I will be leaving it alone, I cannot spare all my time on this nonsense but I am currently havingh
fun stirring things up a bit and that what Bla, Bla is for isn't it!

Notice how I dont barge in on serious topics! I dont do such shit on peole, I do have respect for those areas
and you should have noticed that by now.

It seems that whenever I start a serious topic that peolpe get onto it and start pissing around, if it persists I wont go further down
the line and of course I will write my-self out ot this bullshit, I hope you understand that the guys need their arses kicking and
I like doing it.

Despite I make many mistakes.

Merry Christmas


From Trevor

I also place an E.mail from frank over in Amsterdam, I sent him the basic festival plan prospectus, I give you his comments without any of you seeing sight of the master plan that will be up on FESTIVAL PLANNING QUITE SOON.

Hi Trevor,

I think it is pretty okay; what you say is reflecting well enough your
plans. I only found some spelling mistakes, but hey ...

About the contents:
Maybe I do have a problem with it all being very wild. I love your 'thinking
big', but I can imagine things sounding so wild people don't take it
serious. Maybe it is better to concentrate on one thing at the time; f.i.
this internet tv show sounds great, but it is another big project and not a
condition for the festival to work. The same way I feel about this movie.
In general I feel better about progressively making it bigger than with time
letting go of things because of lack of money or input or something.

Also, I think you have to be careful with promising things (like a booking
guarantee for life). I think it is better to promise half and give double
than the other way around, you know what I mean?
Because, what is the interest for an australian performer to do a benefit
for a festival in Holland? And realistically speaking, if 10 ozzie
performers bring in 5000 guilders, you can not even pay for their plane
fares ...

And, what is this all about in the chapter I haven't been
visiting but it sounds like you have been making enemies?

About my part:
The whole thing is still pretty vague, and I find myself more suitable for
filling in details, more than building it from scratch.
And to get something straight, I do want to get paid for making the web
site. I don't want it to sound different in your posting, to avoid 'strange
looks' (don't forget I am an ex-spiceboy - not so much credit, hahaha ...).
Maybe it is better to put it different.
And also here you should be careful with promising things, technically we
are still facing problems for which I don't have a ready solution laying on
my desk. All I can offer is my abilities and my willingness to try and solve
occuring difficulites with the web site.

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I don't want to be negative or rejective, I am
just giving my feedback. I like the whole thing, but I want it to work.

But I think it is good to do a posting like this and see what other people
will say about this. As you already said, it can only work with a lot of
people involved passionately. With their feedback plans can be re-adjusted
and fine-tuned to reality.

Btw, I have sent the Magix software by registered mail, it should get to you

See ye,


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Trevor Rooney []
> Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 5:54 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Helping Out!

Any way these are private E.mail sent direct to me regarding the festival, none of these people will mind them up for public display!

PS: Any comments are welcome! Try to read between the lines guys!

Have A Merry Christmas

Trevor Rooney


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