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Apple Travel Payments

Something Blake said made me want to veer off on a slight tangent. What opinion on the best way to administer travel monies?

We traditionally make artists' travel bookings directly with our travel agent, pay the agent, and send the tickets on to the artist. We always thought that 1) we would get better rates from the agent by buying more travel services, and 2) we were taking the hassle of bookings off the artist.

But in the past few years, particularly with UK, AUS and NZ artists, we're finding that folks are more likely to come for a large part or all of a season.

Is it better for producers to handle the arangements, and work out whatever cost-splitting deal amongst ourselves? Or would it be preferable to commit to a certain dollar level of travel funds and put that in the artists hands to make their own arrangements??

In the former case, it's sometimes very late in the season once all dates on the tour are confirmed, and so we all end up paying more for flights. But we have the information in hand as to exactly when and where you arrive and depart.

In the latter case, you might come out a few dollars ahead by collecting estimate monies from each, but you won't have access to bulk buying or sponsored deals, and have to be very dilligent about communicating ETAs to each stop on the tour.


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Whoa. I guess from the underwhelming response in the 3 weeks this has been hanging out that I should put this question back into the "case by case" file. Anyone interested in commenting on what travel arrangements work, in your experience, you're welcome to mail me.

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I think I felt the same way as most of the other performers. I read your post and thought, "Hell, I don't care how they arrange travel! Just get me there!"
Send me a ticket, send me cash, send me a camel. My least concern is usually travel arrangement. Room space is more important.

But since you took the time to ask:

I guess the easiest way is to send me the cost of air fare. That way I can squeeze a few bucks more out of the gig by driving.

The cheapest way is to send my a plane ticket. That way you get a deal on the cost of the ticket. Hopefully.

I hope that helps. Good Luck.

Thom Britain,
The Modern Gypsies Circus Sideshow

Thom Britain, Modern Gypsies Entertainment
Thom Britain
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Adam Gertsacov
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It depends on how far away I'm coming from.

For artists coming from far, definitely talk to them about their dates.

I did a festival in Brazil, and they wanted to fly me in on the 25th, and fly me out on the 29nth. I said "Whoa!-- I'm not flying all that way to not see anything. I had them book me another week on the end (with the acknowledgement that I'd pay my own hotel/way after the 28th. It turned out that while I was there, another festival was occuring the next week!, and I got invited to that one as well.

Now the second festival got lucky, because if they had collaborated with the first festival, the first festival would have had to pay only half my travel costs. (They still had to fly me to the next festival, but it wasn't that expensive...)

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