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Apple Dundas Buskingfest

Ahhh, parting is such sweet sorrow ...

To Lee Ross, Master Lee, The Silly People, Lurk, Lady Swish, Andy Zap, Todd Charles, Aytahn Ross, Tesseract, Willoughby Perry, MissFire, Pierre L'Sur, Robin Chestnut, Stephen Elve, Chalkmaster Dave, Silver Elvis, Marie-Claude L'Or, Proctor & Gamble, Jerry Moore, and Fernan Enriques ... bless you all for being such pleasure to work with and work for. Fun was had, carnage was minimal, and memories were made.

A special thanks to William and Lee for bringing their usual unruffle-able professionalism to this fest's first late night show, for not killing the tech weasels, and for talking me down off the wall.

Another tip 'o the hat to Paul Maskell for helping behind the scenes to locate replacement PA, to Phil and Colin for sharing the hosting duties on an extended basis, to Celia for the innumerable errands and assistance, to Janette for hospitable administration, and to Isaac for all the early morning cartoon watching sessions.

Bill and Lynne Powell - you are awesome folks to work for. You have created a formidable legacy of support and opportunity for artists of all genres.

And the rest of the Creative Arts gang - Lucy, Annie, Steph, Matt, Sue, Cathy, Anne-Marie and Lisa, Lisa and Sarah, and the scores of dedicated volunteers - you rock! Thanks for all the above-and-beyond efforts.

You have made one wee producer a very happy girl.
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