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Elias Joseph
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Exclamation Borneo??!!!

What is with the Borneo buskers festival. Is this a joke???
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Your Host
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As far as I know it's legit.

I received the email the other day and posted it.

I'll bet Kim from Halifax has a hand in it.

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Just to let everyone is the scoop on Borneo.

and Kim from Halifax doesn't have anything to do with this one.....



Dear Sir/Miss,
Borneo International Street Buskers Festival 2002

Our best regards to you from Borneo Island!

2. Thanks for your prompt reply. Our objective of organizing this VERY festival in this region is we would like to bring the culture to this part of the world, it is too new here. We know the opportunity for the foreign performers & local to take this as a source of income here.

3. We are unable to pay for your great performance but we will take care of all your freight passage (from city where Malaysian Airline fly), transportation, accommodation, meals & tours (we attach the program for your kind perusal)

To ensure our effort to promote the buskering activity, your support & generous is very much needed.

Hope to hear from you & see you in Borneo!

Leonard L. Sabu

Borneo Street Buskers Festival 2002

Proposed itinerary for invited performer

17.10.02 Meet & Transfer to Hotel by guide
City tour & Orang Utan centre tour in afternoon (D)

18.10.02 Visit Sarawak Museum after breakfast (B/L/D)
Festival start at 3pm
Location : Kuching Water Front (best water front in this region)

19.10.02 Visit Sarawak Cultural Village after breakfast. Workshop session in pm
Seafood lunch at Buntal beach.
Festival begins at 6pm. (B/L/D)

20.10.02 Own leisure in down town. River Cruise & lunch on board
Festival start at 5pm. (B/L/D)

21.10.02 Depart for 2D/N Lemanak River Iban Longhouse Safari -
Theme party in the longhouse with the peole. Observe the welcoming dance & rice wine will be served *

22.10.02 Depart for Kuching after breakfast & next destination.

********************** Tour end – Selamat Jalan*****************

* The tour is designed for those who wish to study the lifestyle of the indigenious people in Borneo. The longhouse is located deep in the untouched jungle – world oldest rain forest. It takes 4 hours drive from Kuching & 1 hour by longboat to reach the longhouse. Hundred of people staying under a single roof. The Iban also comprising the biggest population in Sarawak.
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martin ewen
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I have recieved the same guff
and also know that kim is investigating with adding it to her stable in mind.
(why not, these things make enough to be attractive and the buskers pay themselves most of the fee by working)
But as yet it seems the reverend is full of enthusiasm and empty of fee.
The airline sponsors the tickets, the hotel sponsors the accom, theres admin money enough to feed us and take us on tiki-tours.
The obvious question still unanswered is, who's idea is this and why?
Another important question is, what possible income is there in busking a virgin islamic country.
I'm happy to experiment but believe me when I tell you peoples.
I've done this stuff before and it seems like an adventure untill you find yourself in intensive care within 5 hours of getting off the plane. (Sentosa- the happy rectum of singapore)
Theres a lot of risk here and its all on the performers side as they fly (for free--Yay) from various parts to be used over three days at no cost.
I'll keep talking to them and will probably do it just to risk another potential well written disaster.
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martin ewen
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an exercise in restraint on my side
an exercise in I no speaka de english and I don't want to answer your questions when theres people who will catch a plane if you wave an orangatang in their face on his side.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

We are organizing the Busker Festival in Kuching Borneo from 18/10 -
2002, a 3 days affair. It si anon profit making festival, we just want to promote this culture in this part of the world. We have market for the busking world here.

We are unable to pay the your fee. BUT we will take care the
accommodation, food, transport, tours & air fare from your city where Malaysia Airline serve.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Rev. Leonard

I am interested
I have worked in Taiwain, Japan and Singapore before and as my act is silent I find that it is understood in most cultures.
You are inviting me to fly around the world and work for 3 days which is good.
But you are also offering me no income.
I don't understand how you plan to attract experienced professionals without offering an income.
There will always be some who accept your offer because a free air fare and accomidation sounds attractive.
But 20 years of festivals and street theatre experience shows me that festivals survive on their reputations among performers.
I am still interested but we will have to talk more about my expenses being paid for this job as I will be spending my own money as soon as I leave my house to travel to you.
Also, what are the possibilities of income from street theatre at your event.

martin ewen

Mr Martin,
Our show start from 6pm -10pm. Each show take 15-25 minutes only, for 3

We have 8 teams confirm now.



I hope whoever goes drops a line on this site afterwards.
I'm curious but not that curious
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