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Brian Wilson
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Post Flyin Bob

Anyone know how Flyin Bob is doing? Is he back up on his feet? working again? Bob if you're out there drop us a line!
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Prof Willie B
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Hi Bri, last I heard (about 6 weeks ago)Bob was well, working again and headed for Japan.
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New Member
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Check out his website @
Boston Hysterical Society
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young raoul
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flyin' bob is alive and well and performing in japan. we expect him back on the frozen flatlands in April. Peter posted his site which has his email address - he's been pretty slack about returning messages but that's probably because his sweetie is over there - nuff said.
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Here's an email I got from Bob on November 20th -

Miyako and I have set up housekeeping in our
own little house. It's just a three minute walk from here to
my gig, and five minutes for Miyako to catch the train. It's
a two story with a full walk in attic. Every night at 8:30 we
can see the fireworks from Disneyland through the upstairs window.
The gig is very easy. Four easy 25 minute sets each day five
days a week. I can do a show, a bunch of little shows, walkaround,
it's up to me. I'm allowed to develop all the new material I
want. I'll be working guitar into the show soon. My character
is Robere le Petit Rouge, a cross between Schneider(One day at
a time), Flyin' Bob, and Pepe le Peu. So it's good fun. I'm working
with Rocco Paris, Grainger Esch,(Ringling Clowns), Penny Mathis,(Penny
and Grainger are both extras in the New Grinch movie), Steve
Marshall (used to do some work for Artland).
I've developed a new scenario for the tightrope( it involves
not hitting the ground...)and I rehearse on the roof of Ikspiari.
I have a great view of Tokyo Disneyland, and the new Disney Sea
they are constructing, and if the weather cooperates I can see
Mount Fuji in the Distance when I'm up on the rope. Very surreal.
We bought bicycles, the old granny type, so we've been getting
to know our neighbourhood.
Miyako and I will be going to Fukuoka in January for her
high school reunion and to meet her parents, and to see our friend
So I'm as domestic as I've been in years and I'm loving it.
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Brian Wilson
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Wow that s idyllic!
Glad I started this thread of conversation.
Keep em coming folks... we're building a Bob legend here! Maybe eventually we'll hear from the man himself? Lets face it, it's coming up on January and i'm still snowed in here in Ottawa. I'll have to live vicariously through somebody!
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Flyin' Bob
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Location: Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada
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Hi Everyone:

This thank you is way too long in coming. I profoundly apologize for not sending it sooner. I want to thank everyone for the benefit show you did for me at La Strada last summer. I was extremely disappointed that I was not able to be at the festival, but the news that a benefit show was being done went a long way towards keeping my spirits up.
I was out of commission for two months, and had to cancel a whole month in Europe. I've pretty much fully recovered. My wrist is at about 70 percent, the heel has been slow in heeling(sorry) and the back is fine. I still have two metal plates in my wrist which have to come out some time this year. I started a gig in Japan in October, and they cut me some slack for the first two months to let everything heal.
I got the information on who performed at the benefit, in December. The money was greatly appreciated and put to good and careful use. And the emotional support meant more than I can possibly say. So again thank you, thank you, thank you. Many of the performers at La Strada are good friends and many are people I've never met. But such is our family that we help those we don't know personally without a second thought. I apologize if this letter is getting a little too sentimental for some of you. (sorry Fred, but YOUR wonderful, from the heart, sentiments will always be remembered. Fuck you too...)
I can't find any contact info for these performers:
Paddy Famos Bramwells
Pieter Post
Susi Q
Caroline, Stephanie

and any one else I missed, if anyone has a mailing address or email for them, I would appreciate it very much if you could send it.

I'm now in a position to return the favour, or, actually, pay it forward, like the movie. Last week, myself and a group of performers in Tokyo, did a benefit show for Sandy "Sunshine" Johnson, a balloon animal artist, from Maryland. She worked extensively in Japan and the U.S., and just last year was diagnosed with lymphoma of the lower bowel. Possibly caused by years of inhaling that dust in the balloons. (twisters take note!) The prognosis at this point is uncertain. She's undergoing a number of treatments and operations, but Sandy is a total sweetheart and is dealing with this incredibly bravely. If you know Sandy, a few words of encouragement would help a lot. You can blow a little sunshine her way at:

r@r@i@s @

Or Sandy's home address.

Larry Davis (Sandy's husband)

1701 Eastgate Drive. #12
Salisbury, MD 21804

Thanks again, Minna-san,

Love to all,

Yo, Peace Out,

Flyin' Bob (sled(dog))

everybody's fool
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