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nick nickolas
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Post Tim Eric

Has Anyone seen or heard of Tim the escape artist/pantomime used to hang around New Orleans, Key West etc.....
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I was in New Orleans in May and saw him doing his scary escape act a few times. I talked to him a little bit. He gave me his email address. Darn. I just threw it away a few days ago. He had sores at the time I saw him. It was some kind of tropical skin bacteria. I thought he might have been going north to get rid of it (colder climate). I didn't talk to him that much. His brother, Little John, helped me out a lot because that was my first month street performing. His web address was long. I think it goes www.timeric[i] Sorry I couldn't give you more info. I just cleaned out my notebook.

The Lonnie Anderson of juggling,
Scot Nery
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Tim (and his brother) are still here in N.O. It appears that Tim's infection is improving.
It was Tim, nine years ago when I first started busking in Key West, that suggested I should check out New Orleans. I bless him for that revelation, because I've been here ever since (with time off for good behavios during the summers).
I'll be sure to pass on your best regards when I see him on Jackson Square tonight.

Peter (the New Orleans GlassHarper) Bennett
The GlassHarper (I play glassical music)!
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