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Valentina Cardinalli
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Post Puppet builder/ Props builder/ Face Painter for hire

Valentina Cardinalli

Artist For Hire

Phone: 917-545-2764

Light Switch Plates: I can make a switch plate in any style you'd like. I have single ($15), double ($18) and triple ($20) switch plates & two-plug plug plates ($12), these prices do not include postage if you commission me to make ones especially for YOUR home. If you are CUSTOM ORDERING I require half the money up front, this insures that I don't waste time & materials that I cannot afford! It is worth it. It is a work of art bound to be worth millions once I'm dead. If you order more than 10 plates discounts are available! Please allow a few days for completion for each switch plate. I can e-mail jpeg images of switch plates I have completed/sold if you would like to see further examples of my work. My prices are going up soon so buy at this price while you still can!

Wedding Cake Decorations That Look Like You: I can make wedding cake figures for the top of your wedding cake made to look like YOU! Cost: $60. Half the money is due upfront so I don't spend money on materials that I cannot afford. Same sex & interracial is A-OK & ya can't find them in stores (why? 'cause they are dumb!) Please allow 2 weeks for making the cake decoration. E-mail me a gif or a jpeg of you & your beau & I can work from that, or a very detailed description. I can e-mail you jpegs of figures I have sold already if you would like to see further examples of my work. This is a wonderful sculptural keepsake of a day you'll remember in your heart forever!!

Hand Painted Wooden Sign for your Business: I Can Build You an Amazing free-standing (a frame) sign or a hanging sign! Great for restaurants or stores that have special events. VERY EYE CATCHING! I can make it in my personal folk art style, or I can mimic a style of your choosing ie. art deco/whatever you want. The price of the sign depends on its size. If you have a specific style or idea in mind you can also send me gif & jpeg attachments (this is handy especially with logos) In order for me to start building your sign I will need half the money up front. The amount of time it would take me to complete a sign again depends on size. Photos of signs I have done in the past are available.

Dolls and Puppets: I Can Build You an Amazing Puppet! I can make a puppet look like you, or someone close to you. I can also build animals & fanciful creatures. I have several dolls & puppets that are for sale now. In stock are: A Mermaid, a Centaur, a Witch, a Troll and a Princess. I can e-mail pictures & then, if you are seriously interested I will bring them so you can see them in person. The price of the puppet depends on its size. Generally, however, my puppets are between 12-14 inches tall. A puppet of this size would cost $160. If you have any specific details you'd like me to incorporate e-mail me at Photos are a must with look-alike work, either hard copies or gif/jpeg. I make it look like the photo, any differences from the photo must be in writing! In order for me to start building your puppet I will need half the money up front . It takes me 6 weeks per puppet to build.

Children's Birthday Parties/Events: Elissa Jiji, Athena Reich & I have a CHARMING children's puppet show we are able to perform. Synopsis: When Winter descends upon the land it is up to Lily an Leaf to end a bitter feud between their two households & restore Spring and happiness to each home. The show runs approx 20 min. I can e-mail a copy of the script & pictures of the puppets. Price can be negotiated & deals on face painting & puppet making workshops can be included. Roughly, however, it would be about $300 for the day ($100 per person!)

Face Painting / Body Art: I use water based make up to paint faces. I have a variety of designs drawn to choose from, or you can make your own design. Cost: $3 per face (if it is for an event & I would need to take the day off work to do it, and there are a small number of kids the price may be more) For the cost of materials I can also bring makeup design sheets & markers so the kids can design their own ideas. Pictures are available of faces I have painted. I can e-mail them to you!

Murals, Canvas Paintings and Custom Furniture Decoration: Hire me to do any of these things. Price depends on the job. Photos are available of past work.

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