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Peter Voice
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Post Hats

For years people have been asking Bev and I where we get our hats. The answer "From Krystyna Schweitzer, who lives in Australia about 300 miles into the desert halfway between Sydney and Adelaide" usually ends the conversation.
Finally, Krystyna has overcome the tyranny of distance and gone online at
Finding good hats, esp. custom-made, can be difficult. Krystyna is brilliant, I have some of her hats that I still wear after 12 years.
Her prices are very reasonable and if you don't mind waiting a week or two for delivery, the current Aus$ exchange rates make them even cheaper for buyers in the US, Can., UK and Europe.
(if you've seen the cheap Nepalese/Indonesian child/slave labour jesters hats everywhere, rest assured, the only slave labour involved is that of a 45 year old Swiss/Australian woman)

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Every-one should watch their drawers!
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