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Talking custom packaged balloon animal kits for your show

Dear Fellow Entertainer...

I would like to extend to you to an opportunity BOOST YOUR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE and INCREASE YOUR INCOME with our exclusive CUSTOM PACKAGED balloon animal kits. These high-quality kits feature custom FULL COLOR packaging with YOUR
PHOTO, NAME, SHOW INFORMATION....ANYTHING YOU WANT TO INCLUDE on the FRONT and BACK. You even get free black and white printing on the inside of the header
card to include instructions for a bonus magic trick, your biography, puzzles, games, jokes, etc.

The kits come with mini palm balloon pump, one dozen
balloons, animal "eyeball" stickers, and instructions for making 12 animals plus a sword, all packaged and assembled ready for your fans.

For years I have sold these kits as souvenirs after my show, and in bulk to schools and other organizations where I perform. It has been a way for me to drastically increase my income without even doing more shows. Of course, if you want to do more shows, my proven successful marketing plan with the kits
will have you doing more shows and walking away with a much BIGGER paycheck.

Most custom packaged products come with a minimum order of 20,000 or more! Our minimum order is just 1800 pieces, and if you order 3600 pieces the cost per unit (including shipping!) is only $1.32!!! The kits sell quickly at $5.00 each - giving YOU A PROFIT of $13,209 on an investment of only 3600 kits!

If you would like to stand out from the competition, email us today for more information and photos.

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Rich Potter
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(I just have some idle time and like to reality-check sales pitches)

Some math was missing.

3600 kits X $1.32 = $4752

divided by $5 each means 951 units must be sold to make a profit of $.60 (sixty cents).

That leaves you with over 2500 units to sell in order to make that magical profit -- that is, if the latex is well stored and doesn't get brittle. All sold (all 3,600 units), you get 300% profit. Half sold (1,800 units), 100% profit.

Not a bad investment if you think you can do it. Might not be a bad idea for 4 or 5 school show performers to get together on. Personally, I don't think I'd want to deal with it.

Rich Potter
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These kits sound nice, but buy the balloons for about U.S.$4.25 per 100 plus the mini hand pumps run about 50 cents. add your own printing and save a bundle. No need to spend $4000 when you can do the same without the minumum orders and for about $1.00 each kit.

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