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Piggy Juggling MACHETES

Hi all, I'm a juggler (not pro....YET. ) who's always on a hunt for new props and such. i have a set of really nice juggling knives, ( Dubč brand) but they look like mini scabbards or something. i once saw a guy juggling these knives that looked like real machetes, with a large blade and a small handle... way cool. i was wondering if anyone knows of a place where i can buy these juggling knives, or do i just have to buy some real machetes. Tahnks t anyone who replies.

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Ordinary machetes from an army disposal store do just fine. They spin around the weightiest (widest) part of the blade and the handle spins 4-6 inches clear of the blade tip, making them safer than they look. You don't even have to blunt them, mine are genuinely sharp. I had mine chromed and they look fantastic, they also make a truly evil noise when you drag them across the ground.

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