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Question glowing neon sword

Thanks everyone for all the help on the other items. This one might be the most difficult though. I want to try and get a sword that I can turn on to glow, that way when I swallow it a person could see the sword inside me. I've seen this on tv only a couple times. Can anyone help on this one I know it's a hard one but if anyone can it's you all.
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Frack, don't know about the taste -- but taking a page from the 'fibre optics' handbook, a piece of SOLID *clear* pvc, maybe 1.25 inches in diameter (or whatever you can, ahem, handle), with a medium-sized MagLite attached to one end should do the trick. Just switch on and turn off the lights! Even better is when you can manage to paint/coat/cover the "sharp" end with a kind of mirrored/reflective material, which will bounce the light back into the body of the sword and greatly enhance the effect.

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One of the greatest stunts I have ever witnessed was watching Johnny Fox swallow a neon tube that was shaped like a sword. You could see it glowing on either side of his voice box, around his adams apple. Having said this dont go ask Johnny who did it for him. Hes rather 'protective' of his tricks, and who can blame him. I think you should hook up with some one who creates neon signs and try to trial and error one yourself. Offer to pay them, and be in ads for them. The ad would be a win/win for both of you. You get a cool pic, and they get a cool ad. One thing though, I belive Johnnys neon had a clear plastic sheath around it to prevent any real damage to himself in the event of accidental breakage.
Good luck.
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