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Little Joe
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Bunny Boxes

Looking for good cigar boxes.
please and thanks
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Butterfly Man
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Ketsu ga aoi!
Ben Decker boxes are the best ... dunno if he still makes 'em though ... my last address for him is: Decker, Ben 11622 Legendale Dr. Lakeside, CA 92040 619-390-2821

... if you can't find anything, get back to me and I'll sort something out for you.
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Your Host
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I have ben decker boxes, too and I think they're the best wooden boxes, but my last set took him 5 months to get to me. Granted, they were customized (extra wide) but still.... From dealing with him, it seemed like he wasn't really in the box making business anymore.

(Actually I just did a search and lookee here: )

The Dube polyethelyne plastic boxes are pretty cool. If he made them in a wider size and offered WHITE as a color option, I would switch over. They only come in standard (kind of skinny) "cigar box" width and florescent colors, but they're really indestructable and they're much quieter than wood. I guess the Black ones are almost OK to look at, but has anyone ever asked him why there's no white?

Where are you Joe???



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Steven Ragatz
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Iíve made juggling boxes for years. I canít say that I have improved on the design any. Itís just a box. But theyíre not difficult to build.

You can pick up a half sheet of paneling from a hardware store and several feet of half-inch furring trim. The paneling comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, so you will have several options. Make sure that it is multi-ply, and not particleboard or pressed board. Check the weight as well. If it seems too light or too heavy, it will either not wear well or be ungainly. It helps to have a table saw to cut the pieces square, but you could probably make do with a good craft knife, a square edge and some sand paper.

I cut the pieces so that the edges overlap the face, and the ends overlap the edges. That keeps the part that you use for contact, the ends, consistent, and without seems. Also, when the corners get rounded, you can always pop off the ends and simply replace those pieces.

Figure out the dimensions that you want and cut the face and four edge pieces. Remember to account for the paneling width when determining the sizes. After this, rough-cut four pieces of trim and frame the inside of each of the face. Use wood glue and heavy staples to secure the pieces. Once that dries a bit, attach the edges, and finally, the ends. As you attach the edges, make sure and check for square. Finish with electric tape.

You can get suede for the ends from a leather store scraps bin cheaply. I use heavy-duty carpet tape to attach the suede to the ends.

If you want added support, you can cut foam board to fit inside, or you can spray in foam insulating sealer.

It ainít rocket surgery. Itís a box.

Steven Ragatz
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My partner, Pokie-Poke, just went to the local cigar shop and got three identical boxes. He then glued some leather to each end and wah-la, real cigar boxes.

I'm guessing your over in Japan by the flag on your posting. If you can't find boxes, let me know what size you want and I'll keep checking the cigar store till they get three of that size. I'll included the leather patches all you have to do is glue them. This way customs can verify that the boxes are empty so they don't think you're getting cigars smuggled in I'll figure out the cost of shipping if your interested.

P.S. He also said he used clear packing tape to help keep the labels on the boxes.

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