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Post agent software

I have an idea of adapting the same sort of programme that insurance agencies use.
With them you put in all your details and it calculates your policy.
I was thinking that it might be possible to have a programme that allowed a prospective client to look at your various performances and having chosen one ,enter the date and time and place and be immediatly shown your availability and cost, contracts could be automaticly e-mailed and your schedule automaticly updated. provision could also be made for a deposit to be paid.
This is in effect a great part of an agents function.
Agents are usefull and will always be but I see their numbers in the future declining as with the internet we are able to access information that used to be a lot harder to get.
Performers would have to do more of their own marketing but would also reap the benifits of dealing with clients directly and saving up to %20 in the process.
I have bought a domain to test this once constructed and am looking for a handfull of people to be represented on it.
I am also looking for technical help in constructing the program.
anyone interested?
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