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Post Las Vegas Agencies

My wife and I are looking into moving out to Veags in the next few years. I don't want to go without some contacts and prospects for work. I can always continue or expand my road work, but I do need some good local folks who book the corporate events, local fests, even Cub Scout events. Not looking necessarily for the guys who book the major casinos and all that, just reliable folks who book events, big & small.

We're making our annual vacation trip out there this October and I am hoping to take one day to arrange meetings, drop off press kits, schmooze, etc. and start paving the way for my eventualpermanent arrival in Las Vegas. nI'd even be interested in folks outside Vegas who book the surrounding areas as well.

If you have any info you'd be willing to share I'd be very appreciative and hopefully could return the favor sometime. There are a lot of starving entertainers in Las Vegas (mostly because they think that now that they're there they ould NEVER work for less than $1500.00 a show, LOL) and I have no need to add to the mix.

Feel free to post here or e-mail me at

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