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I appreciate(ed), both then and now, that you were man enough to admit the fiasco was your fault. It would have been much messier for me if you had lied and said that I struck you first.

But if you are going to waste your time insulting anyone, it should be the "cunt" who told you that it was me who made the (now) infamous phone call about your act. Me, I don't even know if any call was really made, and I don't care to know.

Your act of forgiveness is misplaced, however (and no doubt insincere: e.g. "Cunt"? Get a better writer; maybe Martin will volunteer.) Someone told you the lie, you chose to believe it, you also chose to confront and assult me over it.

Thanks again for owning up to your mistake, but what I really want to know is, who was it that told you the lie in the first place?
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Eric's act of forgiveness is misplaced and insincere....? Wow...your ego is really larger than I anticipated. Eric is apologizing and you are the one who punched him...
It really is too bad that you are not man enough to step up to the plate to admit that what you did was wrong. Hitting another performer is barbaric and uncalled for.
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I agree with you whole heartedly. To walk up to another person, fellow performer or not, and physically abuse them without provocation is just plain wrong.

So, with this in mind, I recommend that you go back and re-read these past few letters, where you will see that Eric admits to doing this very thing to me, not the other way around.

I called (and still do call) his apology insincere for 2 reasons. The first is that he was the one who provoked me without cause, and the second has to do with the "cunt" thing. Maybe it's just me, who knows? But to say, "Hey, you there, cunt, I apologize" just doesn't do it for me.

Guess it works for you though. To each their own.

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gerry nelson
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Hey Chance. why don't you just eat it mate? You ARE a cunt and anybody that is aware of your past posts in this forum, knows it!
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Peter Voice
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Gerry, I take exception to you using the term c**t to describe chance. For a start, female genitalia is one of the world's most beautiful and wonderous things and chance is as diametrically opposed to that as anything could possibly be. Female genitalia can inspire, give joy and create life, chance cannot. No single thing in our universe is responsible for more pleasure and to call chance a c**t is to denigrate something truly wonderful.

The context in which you are using this word can be highly offensive to many people and this is not the uncensored "Blah, Blah" section.

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i have come to this post very late but have had the most entertaining saturday afternoon reading it all...
which is ironic seeing as i have just returned from a night shift at an ex offenders/junkie unit where we spend a fair amount of time trying to stop them hitting each other as a way of relieving their own pain. So its great to know it goes on in my other world too. Now i feel right at home.
Oh and THAT word (which, having worked at the unit for a while now) has slipped into my vocabulary even though i agree whole heartedly with the fact that it is a VERY old word used to describe something that is loved. oh on that note Nick love, sorry to hear about your pussy.
I would like to say that i never understood why we call each other "w*Łker" when that is one of the pastimes we all treasure deeply and do alot. how can that have ever become a term of abuse i wonder.
so lots of love to those that know me and see you in the summer for love and laughter.
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Hi everyone.

Well I think Chance is a nice nice man and he taught me a lot about how to work the crowd into a frenzy.
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