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Post promo response

Just curious about promo response
I have a pretty good site and recently e-,ailed and faxed over fifty festivals for the 2001 season in europe.
Hey 2 responses so far.
Some of those want a video.
Two questions what do people find are the levels of response to their stuff? what do you do if they ask for a video and you aint got one?
just curious
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your private dancer
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You've gotta get a video...
It's your #2 priority.
Even a 1 and 1/2 or 2 minute job(mine is 2.5 min) is crucial.
Imagine if you wanted to hire a band for your buddy's party,
but they had no tape to send you, so you'd be hiring em sound unheard.
You wouldn't wanna stake your future rep on that, and neither do the fest organizers.
High schools and post-secondary schools are full of students who have all the time & equipment, and need a subject for their big video project.Enter You.Throw up some posters at these places and see who bites.Good Luck!
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He's right, Blake. You need one to be taken seriously, and the source he points to is free. We are. for whatever its worth, fascinating subject metter. You'll be helping a kid get a good grade. Photos too, by the way. No charge. you are "modelling" free. But get it in writing and get the professors contact info. They'll stiff you sometimes.
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