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Post amsterdam permits ouch

Just a quick missive for any acts headin towards amsterdam....the dutch have finally found a new way to make getting a street artist permit even harder;
as of sept 1.03,to get a permit(32.50 euros)you now have to pay by check,i'm assuming drawn on a dutch accnt,(hey that might be loophole) he wouldnt even take a money cant get an account without the equivalent of social sec. card...wich you cant get unless youre dutch.....hhhhmmm
leidseplein still seems a safe haven for circle shows with/without permits.but what happens when there permits expire(all pernits expire jan 01/04) next?
dam square is highly patrolled and even i got my permit checked and shut down in leidseplein. i kinda wish i knew someone to complain pretty much turfs any foreign entertainers from ever working(legally) in amstedam,
Anyone knowing a way around this......

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Tried getting someone to write a check out for you from their account? Seems stupid, but stranger things have worked.

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What's the problem? ...I've opened bank accounts all over the world with no problem (although I don't have one in AMS) ... the only place where I'd feel uncomfortable is here the US ... B(unch) of A(ssholes)
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well,lets see...after 6-7 stops at the office...(you gotta get up early cause theyre only open til noon and sometimes not fridays,or the occassionnal mon...those that know me can also attest to the curly little ball of sunshine i am in the early morning)
i finally got my permit.

When i first went in they were tinkering with a new system(no cash)... i had my friend micha call (a dutch guy)and, if you give them an adress you get sent a bill,which you can pay at a bank without an accnt.
it takes supposedly a few days(to a week)for the bring in the reciept to the office and a week(or 2)later,you get your permit....
32.50 euros,from jan01/x-jan01/y....
amazing dutch beurocracy...i was told 3 completely different stories from different clerks there...but in the end,they issued me a permit .
even speeded it up because of a tech prob they had.
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