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Apple Need a sound system NOW!!!!

well, I've been doing my shows without a sound system for the past little while, and I thought things were going ok. And then a couple of weeks ago, I ran into Cam Flemming, and he let me use his mic and amp for one of my shows. And now, I NEED one, it made such a difference. I'm addicted.

Now here's my problem, I thought I'd be able to pick up a system at my local audio/music store, but I was wrong, they don't have what I need. So if anyone could recommend, or are selling a good system, please let me know. All that stuff from Anchor, and Lectrosonic seems good, but the site if filled these product codes, and no prices, and I'm all confused, and quite sad really.

So I guess what I'm really asking is, what can I get for around $1500 (Canadian), and where I can get it from, (Online would be good, preferably from Canada) as quickly as possible.


*First 3 replies, win a FREE muffin**

*Just kidding, you don't get anything, but thanks for playing =)
*First 3 replies win a FREE muffin**

*Just kidding, you don't win anything, but thanks for playing =)
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For $800.00 US you could just about have your pic of any of the systems talked about in these forums, except for the very top of the line offered by the various companies mentioned (Anchor, Lectrosonics, et al.) Just plan on spending an even thousand. All that remains is figuring out the shape and size system which best fits your needs. And the reason the websites don't list prices, is because you will never be allowed to buy direct; you MUST buy from a local dealer, and this is where you will get the prices quoted.

And the "For Sale" section might have some bargains, so maybe give that a shot?
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Rich Potter
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refer to the thread at

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