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Gaelyn Hutchinson
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Default Aerial Silks

Ever since I first saw Isabelle Chasse in Cirque du Soleil's Quidam I have been in love with the art form. But in my searching I haven't found much about it ( History, Practices / Techniques, Creation and Rigging etc. ). If any of you know more about Aerial Silks or a good site that I can go to for an education please feel free to e-mail me at or post in this thread.


-Gaelyn Hutchinson
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Steven Ragatz
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You can contact Isabelle directly - she is currently performing with "Les 7 doigts de la main" (, so you can start there. I don't know if she is up for sharing technical information or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is.

Given your profile local in Iowa, I would also suggest looking into the Gamma Phi Circus associated with Illinois State in Bloomington, Illinois ( You can also contact the Midnight Circus folks up in Chicago (

Steven Ragatz
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dave walbridge
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There is also a school for aerial stuff in Minneapolis -- I'll have to go look up the name.

David Walbridge
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Gaelyn Hutchinson
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Thank you both very much, I will try and get in contact with Isabella Chasse and look into the Gamma Phi Circus aswell as the Midnight Circus.
Though on another note does anyone know the origin and history of silks?
I know some of the maneuvers are similar to gym rings and trapeze, so are silks possibly a derivative of the two or more?

Thanks again!

-Gaelyn Hutchinson

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le pire
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If you REALLY want to learn this, GET OUT OF IOWA!!! DUH!!!

There are 3 fantastic schools in Paris and 2 in Montreal. (that I know of).

Bonne chance,

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Gaelyn Hutchinson
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Hehe. I've already made steps in that direction Etienne... In January I will be moving up to Toronto to study at the Toronto School of Circus Arts but I just wanted to know as much as possible before hand.
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Etienne, do you maybe mean one in Montreal one in Quebec city? If not, what is the second school in Montreal? Of course the one in Quebec city is french only in more than just official policy!

Gaelyn, I'd recommend at least making a trip to Montreal to check out the scene compared to Toronto. I can't imagine TO would be nearly as productive an environment for that.

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